Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Before and after: personalizing a doll display case

Before: gold lining and all.
I inherited this glass display case from my friend, Alison (aka Alington) several months ago, probably because she switched over to 6-foot-tall IKEA bookcases to house her ever-growing doll collection. Luckily, I'm a little sister and I learned early in life the beauty of hand-me-downs!

After: freshened up with some beautiful black and silver damask fabric.
However, the gold, textured paper lining of the case wasn't growing on me, so I re-covered it with some awesome black and silver (more my colors, anyway) damask fabric. It took a little patience and finessing to cut the pieces, glue them on straight, and smooth out all of the wrinkles and air bubbles, but it was well worth it. Plus, it now expresses my style and personality a little more now. (Just the fact that it has a door to close to keep the dust off expresses the side of my style and personality that hates to dust things!)

Just another example of how you can customize something to be more "you." I hope it inspires some personalized projects around your own home.

I didn't finish off the edges of the fabric in any way, since there was an even coat of glue on the underside and therefore little chance of fraying.
A little closer look at the beautiful pattern of this damask; one of those fabrics I just fell in love with and wanted to use for everything - clothes, wallpaper, curtains, bedspread...everything!
After: my 16" Tonner enjoying her new digs.


  1. Wow! That looks WAY better, Jen! I love it!

  2. Thanks, Alison. :) I literally couldn't have done it without you!

  3. That's a beautiful pattern. It looks expensive. Although it makes me think of velvet-covered rooms, burgundy couches, and vampires for some reason! XD


  4. I can see that connection, too, Ariss! Time to put a vampire doll in there. ;)


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