Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Barbie fashion #944, Masquerade

Here is Barbie's Masquerade fashion from 1963-1964. It coordinates with Skipper and Ken's Masquerade fashions. It includes:

  • black and yellow costume with tulle fringe and ribbon ties. Snaps in the back. This is where the Barbie tag is located.
  • black pantyhose
  • paper invitation
  • yellow and black felt hat with elastic chin-strap
  • mask
  • black open-toe shoes with yellow poms
When purchasing this fashion look for pantyhose with no runs and good waist elastic. Also check the elastic on the hat and mask. If the elastics are too stretched they will not stay on the doll. The cost of this fashion near mint and complete (loose) is about $95.


  1. This is indeed a very nice and affordable fashion from the early years. Got the costume only, I like the quality and the way it fits Barbie's feminine curves!

  2. This is really great. The box, the writing and all it includes shows a bit of history - what people were doing then. We Love that the sexy Pantyhose come with it. Barbie always knew (used to know) that nothing beats a great pair of Leggs!

    - Lindsay & erik


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