Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New items available for sale at Peak's Woods!

FOB Wig P-06
New wigs and head parts are now available from Peak's Woods. Heat-resistant fiber and in every size--for Fairies of Color (size 8-9"), Fairies of Bugs (7-7.5"), and Fairies of Fairytales (6-7"), these wonderful wigs are a terrific addition to their offerings. There are browns, chestnuts, varying shades of blondes, to gray, charcoal and black, in addition to pink, salmon and teal. Prices on the new items stay at the $27 mark.

Additionally, Wake-Up Romantic Lady Bee Elf's antenna are also now available separately for purchase. For $20, you can add the magnets on to any doll's head cap, and attach the adorable antenna on to the doll of your choice. They will be removable, as well.

I'm hoping Peak's Woods will hurry up and announce the tan version of their doll soon, or I'll be about to break down and order a Wake-Up Lady Bee and a Vampire Hucky. Eeek!

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