Friday, June 3, 2011

New reference book for vintage Barbie collectors

Here is a much-needed reference for vintage Barbie collectors: It's All About the Accessories for the World's Most Fashionable Dolls by Hillary James. In this over 350 page book Hillary lists every vintage Barbie and family accessory available from 1959-1972. Fashion completers are listed by category and include a full color photo. Next to each photo is a list of all the fashions the accessory can be found with and current market value. Categories include jewelry, gloves, hats, luggage and bags, cummerbunds, belts, kitchen, toiletries, sports, telephones, hair ornaments, just for fun, books and paper, skis, jobs, trophies and awards, scarfs and boas, travel costumes, little theatre, glasses, ties, corsages and emblems, muffs, umbrellas, pets, weddings, and shoes. Whew! This is an exhaustive reference that I highly recommend. I LOVE this book. It is available on Amazon, Ebay, and from many doll dealers for $35-$45. Hardcover. 352 pages.

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