Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Color Infusion crazy - Cosmic Love makes her debut

Cosmic Love from the Color Infusion collection of Integrity Toys made her arrival this week from Happily Ever After. She's a limited edition of 300 dolls, and retails for $125. After seeing this doll in person at IFDC in July, I decided to pre-order her, and I'm not disappointed.

These are photos taken of the doll right out of the box. She's gorgeous.

A few things make this doll special. First, she uses the Amelie sculpt. This sculpt is hard to find in the US--well, at least at a reasonable price. I'm thrilled to see her not only in use for dolls intended for sale here, but also in a darker skin tone.

Second--I have to say this--she has pink hair. I was a little worried about her bangs, but I shouldn't have been. I haven't even rinsed her hair, and they look just fine. Integrity Toys is amazing when it comes to dolls with bangs. And pink. I love dolls with funky colored hair. (It might be because my own changes every four weeks from pink to green to blue to purple.)

Third, her facial screening and eye lashes are to die for. She has applied eyelashes, and her eyeshadow has a metallic flavor (read: gold), perfectly executed. She has bubblegum pink lips, which you might think is too much, but it suits her overall look.

Next--let me go in to the quality of her outfit. Her dress feels like silk chiffon. It falls perfectly, without any pulls or gaps. The fur gives it just enough class. The only black on her outfit is one of her many tiny bracelets, her belt and her socks (which she wears with purple shoes). I know black is an easy color for mixing and matching, but for me, I like a little color in my life--or at least in my dolls' lives.

Finally, Cosmic Love's accessories are wonderful and numerous. She includes a bunch of slim bracelets and one wide one, a belt, earrings, oversized glasses, a necklace, socks, a fur wrap, and a purse. It's a fun set! The purse is a warm metallic gold with a magnetic closure. I love the details.

If you've been on the fence about these dolls, let me convince you--buy one. Cosmic Love is ready to go, right out of the box. She's fun and gorgeous. Plus, she includes the new style of stand--both saddle and waist gripper. You can see more photos of her on Flickr.

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