Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IT Jet Set Convention Dolls on eBay

This was my first year attending an Integrity Toys convention. It won't be my last. The folks at Integrity Toys do a fantastic job of running a convention as well as providing great free swag and other things that are not so free. The latter is the reason for this post. My dear hubby caught a glimpse of my credit card statement on line. Oops! So, I'm listing dolls that while I just have to have them, I won't die if they find their way to another home. I'm also going through the other dolls that I've purchased over time doing the same. You see, in addition to the bill paying factor, I've decided that Poppy Parker is my one true love when it comes to Integrity dolls and don't you know that I did not win the right to purchase the Ready Steady Go Poppy centerpiece at the Poppy Parker luncheon. So, money to pay bills and money to buy Poppy. It never ends.

Please check out my eBay listings. I might be selling something that you just have to have!

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