Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thursday's events at the Jet Set convention

Thursday night's event theme was "Living the Jet Set Life," and featured the lovely Kyori Sato as the centerpiece doll. No Reservations was the centerpiece doll.
The guests were each presented with their own doll as well: Business Class Anja. I adore this doll, despite the fact that many doll collectors don't care for the mini "bump it" hair style. Anja totally pulls it off, in my opinion, and I'm adoring her black and white and lime outfit--including those cute little gloves. So matchy-matchy.
Alain Tremblay and Chris Stoeckel unveiled a new collection aniline called Les Silhouettes on stage as well. The main character is French fashion maven Victoire Roux, and the first fashion was also presented. The dressed doll is called Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

The fashion is called Avenue Montaigne.
Additionally, four new IT Direct dolls were also offered. The Bare Essentials presents dolls with lots of redressing capabilities. Two basic dolls and City Girl feature the IT Body (first used in the Brides of Dracula collection). Backstage Ambition features the Homme body. Guests were given an envelope for coupons to purchase 4 out of the 6 items available.
Bare Essentials Night* - former Natalia sculpt

Bare Essentials Day* - Dania sculpt
Backstage Ambition - the Count sculpt
City Girl - Imogen sculpt
Photos property of Integrity Toys.
*I'm not sure now which of the blonde and brunette dolls are Day and Night. Apparently the Integrity W Club update was incorrect. The brunette, I believe is Day, according to convention attendees. Night is the blonde.

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