Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking my Liv dolls camping

My husband and I went camping a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to bring a couple of Liv dolls with me and try doing a photo shoot with them. Why Liv dolls? Their multiple joints give them many posing options, including double-jointed knees that allow them to sit. Plus, they're inexpensive, so I didn't mind getting them dirty and smokey, which everything that comes camping becomes.

The story in my head while I was shooting these photos was that a boy and girl get lost in the woods. The girl is concerned that they won't find their way back to civilization before they run out of daylight, while the boy is a "jokester" who takes nothing seriously and sees the situation as more of an adventure than a problem. Sadly, I ran out of daylight (and needed to cook some supper on the campstove), so they never did find their way home. Maybe in the next episode.

I think I enjoyed this way too much.

Are we ever going to find our way home?

Everything's going to be okay.
Which way do we go?

Helping her up the rock.

Lending a hand.

Pretending to push the rock down on top of her...

...but she doesn't think it's very funny.


  1. That was awesome! Great idea and those pictures, especially of him helping her up the rock, are fabulous.

  2. Wow, I really liked this! You've done some great photography and posing, and that's the best I've seen the Live dolls look.

  3. Great pics!! Full of movemente and life, perfect!

  4. Wonderful photo story, Jen! Very cute!

  5. I love the pics u took, very nice posing


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