Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I know I said I was tired of Alice, but...

8" Alice Kingsleigh by alington
8" Alice Kingsleigh, a photo by alington on Flickr.
When I saw the new releases two weeks ago from Tonner Doll Company, the 8" Alice Kingsleigh and Mad Hatter dolls from the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland collection, I knew I had to at least have Alice's outfit.

Well, she made her arrival yesterday, and she's caused nothing but trouble. Her arrival caused me to redress three of my 16" girls--also into a variety of Alice outfits in my stash--and rearrange my display. She's just adorable.

Yes, she has an eerily large head. But her little smile reminds me of Wilde Imagination's Prudence. She has long medium blonde curls--not crimps!--which still need to be rinsed from their crunchy gel.

Her outfit is just amazing. When I compare it to Tonner's original Alice Kingsleigh (seen in the photo below on Euphemia), it's practically identical. The details of the embroidery and buttons are perfect. She's wearing blue and white striped tights. Even her boots are perfect. She's missing the gold necklace with the red bead--but that's an easy fix.

And the doll can stand on her own! I don't own a single Tiny Betsy doll, and wasn't planning on keeping her--since my YoSD dolls can share these outfits. However, Alice's large head and distorted eyes are really growing on me. I just adore her!

See more photos on Flickr.

Carol at Dreamcastle Dolls still has a few in stock, so pick one up if you can.

Basic Euphemia in Alice Kingsleigh, 8" Alice, Jacqueline Frost, Voyage of Wonder (in the back), Alice in Wonderliddle (by Mattel), Ghost of Christmas Past as Steampunk Alice (Daphne sculpt)

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  1. Your fingers might have keyed, "I'm tired of Alice in Wonderland," but your heart of hearts said, "Alison Wonderland, take a GOOD look at this cutie pie and tell me HONESTLY that you are tired of Alice!"

    Congrats on being in Tonner's blog, too!


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