Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tonner's latest release--I'm gonna die!

Wow, wow, wow! 

The new release from Tonner is here, and there is one particular outfit I won't be letting slip by!

The Rose of Versailles is a limited edition outfit of 100 pieces. (I believe this outfit may have been originally designed for a cancelled event, but I'm not sure. I'm thrilled to see it was produced!) Check out that hat!

The outfit retails for $139.99 and fits the 16" Tyler body. The pieces include the ivory and blue printed dress, the feathered floral hat, blue shoes, pearl earrings, platinum wig, and a blue choker with lace and cameo. Expected ship date is October 25. (I think the model is Carol Barrie.)

 From the Antoinette collection, putting in the holiday spirit is a new dressed doll, Chilled. She has blue eyes and platinum hair (it looks like it's pulled back in a ponytail). The doll has the bloom skin tone. She's wearing a gorgeous dolman sleeve bouclé dress, trimmed trimmed with faux fur, an off white matching faux fur hat, grey gloves and boots, and crystal bracelets.

Chilled retails for $179.99 and is a limited edition of 300. She's scheduled to ship October 25.

The next new release from the Antoinette collection has amazing facial screening. She's called Delightful and is dressed in a gorgeous fall/halloween toned printed suit with an over-sized collar. She includes burgundy gloves, pumps, and a fun multi-colored beaded necklaces. She is the bloom skin tone, and has auburn hair and blue eyes.

Delightful is a limited edition of 300, retails for $179.99, and is scheduled to ship on October 17.

From the Cami&Jon collection, we're treated to a gorgeous new Basic Platinum Cami. She's got inset acrylic eyes (blue) and long, rooted platinum hair (straight). She comes on the Antoinette body and is in the lily skin tone. She also has applied lashes. She doesn't include a stand--and she isn't shown with shoes. She may be an Ultra Basic doll.

If you weren't able to pick up a wigged Cami earlier this year, now is your chance. She retails for $89.99, and is expected to ship on October 25. She's a limited edition of 500.

Bridgehampton is a new outfit offering for the Cami&Jon collection. It's a pale blue and gold long dress, and includes matching beaded bracelets and gold shoes.

The expected shipping date is October 25, the outfit is limited to 300, and it retails for $79.99.

Next, a new collection has been introduced: White Christmas. The licensing for these dolls limit sales to the United States. Rosemary Clooney as Better Haynes is the first doll. She's limited to 500 and available for $199.99. 

The doll is a new sculpt on the 16" Tyler BW body. She has blue eyes and blond hair with the bloom skin tone. She includes a gorgeous red gown, white muff with beaded decorations, red gloves, beaded earrings, and red shoes. She's expected to ship on October 25.

Next is Judy Haynes. She has a new head sculpt on a bloom skin tone Tyler BW body. She has brown eyes and blonde hair. She includes a gorgeous red gown with cape. She also includes red gloves, beaded muff, red shoes, beaded earrings and a white faux fur hat.

Judy is expected to ship on November 8, and she's a limited edition of 500, and retails for $199.99. 

I love the new promo photo photography style--though I'd love to be able to see the shoes! Kudos to this new release! I'm thrilled. 

Go place your orders at your favorite Tonner dealer today.

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company. Like their new photographer? It's Ernesto Padro-Campos.


  1. I wonder why Betty is Rosemary Clooney, but Judy is just Judy. Would the estate of Vera Ellen not allow them to use her likeness, or did they think that she was not as iconic in the role and did not justify them making a sculpt just for her?

  2. I noticed that, too. My guess would be that the estate didn't approve the license of her sculpt, and I'm sure Tonner wanted to be able to release both dolls at the same time.

    Aubrey, are you a fan of Tonner's on their Facebook Fan Page? You can ask questions there, and I bet they'd be able to tell you for sure.

  3. I am not a fan of them on their facebook page, but I am now. Thank you for pointing me in their direction, I've already posted that question on their wall.

  4. I would love to make jewellery for these dolls.


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