Friday, October 28, 2011

New Dynamite Girls announced - In the City collection

Convention attendees were given a chance to preview the new Dynamite Girl collection, "In The City." These dolls will be shipping in early January 2012, and may be available for preorder from your dealers. They are limited to 350 each and retail for $60. The fashions are inspired by 1970s fashion. I love the color! They've introduced another new character, too.

First up is Good Times Dayle. (I don't recall seeing a platinum Dayle before!) She's wearing a sun visor, color mesh shirt, satin miniskirt, sleeveless hoodie, blue ankle socks and purple pumps.

Next up is You Sexy Thing Jasper. This gorgeous girl has qua eye shadow and bubblegum pink lips. She's wearing teal hot pants and a graphic printed blouse. Her accessories include a silver bag, aqua platform wedges, pink beaded necklace and a a pink woven hat.

Next is the Mighty Real Reese. She's got a lovely facial screening, super soft, and her dark hair pulled behind her. (She reminds me of one of my favorite Steffie-faced Barbie--African American Magic Curl
from 1980, I think.) She's wearing salmon short-alls with a pink blazer, gold platform peep-toes, a flower choker, and carries a purple bag.

Meet the new boy in town, Hot Stuff Cruz. He's dressed in dark jeans, a blue New York t-shirt, a yellow leather jacket. I think he's pretty cute, "faux-hawk" and all.


  1. Cruz reminds me of Adam Lambert, same body type and hairstyle, just make-up and clothes are toned down

  2. I'm so excited! I'm panting. Okay not in love with the dolls really but the clothes are really cute!


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