Thursday, October 11, 2012

Exclusives from Wilde Imagination Wilde Weekend

Available now from Wilde Imagination (and in limited quantities), you have the opportunity to scoop up a few of the exclusives from A Wilde Weekend, a few of the adorable dolls from the latest convention.

Shown above, Secret Garden Iris, it's Amber with red hair, gray eyes and applied lashes. She's limited to 200 and $185. Oh man, do I love her sour look! She's such a crab!

Secret Garden Daffodil is a blonde Prudence with painted green eyes and applied lashes. She's limited to 200 and $185. So cute!

All in green, Secret Garden Ivy is a dark brown haired Lizette with painted green eyes with lashes. She's also limited to 200 and $185. Lizette is gorgeous anyway--but this one--oh! I love her!

This set reminds me a little of Tonner's birds from the Flights of Fancy collection. Just be careful, or all three might show up in your doll cabinet, sort of unexpectedly!

Decadent Daydream is a resin Ellowyne with interchangeable blue eyes and a blonde wig. She's limited to 125 and $475. I love her outfit. (Whew! I'm so glad I wasn't there in person, since I'm a sucker for resin!)

Diggin Deeper Rufus has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He's limited to 100 and is $160. (Get it? Digging? Isn't he a mortician or something?) His outfit is just adorable.

Graveside Flowers is a resin Evangeline who stands 18.5" tall. She includes a blonde wig and inset blue eyes (I think they are changeable, but it doesn't specify on the website). She's limited to 200 and retails for $475. So glad to see her in resin again.

Weekend at the Manor Mortimer stands 19.5" tall, and he has inset blue eyes and raven hair. He's vinyl with 14 points of articulation. He's limited to 100 and $210. Wow--a new size--and with inset eyes that are actually life size. I'm really impressed!

Phin and Thea make an appearance as well. Both are limited to 150 and retail for $185. You can buy them as a set for $310. Their outfits are just amazing.

Amelia - Ouch! has inset green eyes is complete ball-jointed. She's limited to just 125 and retails for $150. (So sweet!)

Hamish - Little Gardener is limited to 125 and retails for $150 as well. His little gardening tools are included--and wait--do I see an open mouth? Cute!

Izzy - Flutterby is limited to 125 and retails for $150. Limited quantities are available! OK--she is adorable. Darker toned resin is really hard to pour--and it's great to see she's the same price.

Secret Garden Bag - This special doll bag is still available in limited quantities for $30.

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  1. Hello from Spain: this collection of dolls is very cool ... . Keep in touch


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