Monday, October 1, 2012

IT Convention: Registration and workshops

16" Poppy workshop doll

For those of you who haven't been following my play-by-play on Facebook, I'm doing some catch-up work here on the blog as well. I'll be using some official photos as well, and hopefully be adding my own (rather lame) photos at some point in the future.

You can see the photos I've uploaded so far on my Flickr account.

I arrived to the Grand Cypress late Wednesday night, and registered Thursday morning. We picked up our pre-ordered convention workshop dolls after our registration packets. I've heard that more workshop dolls were made available for purchase this year as well.

Our registration bags included--if I can remember:

  • A large Integrity Toys box -- not empty! It included a sewn-in gown and some fabulous jewelry and shoes.
  • Shoe pack -- lots of fun ones!
  • Azone hair sheen spray (I heard from Matt Sutton that this spray is brand new on the market and helps restore the sheen to a doll's hair, after multiple attempts at styling)
  • DOLLS Magazine - people, you need to subscribe to this magazine. It's one of the few dolls-related magazines left, and digital subscriptions are available and awesome (and practically free!)
  • Paperwork: schedule, luncheon tickets, tickets to purchase dolls/receipts if we'd preordered dolls
  • A surprise ticket to purchase Victoire Roux Place Vendome

12" Poppy hair workshop doll

Mystery gift set--not an empty box!
Jewelry detail

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