Monday, October 1, 2012

IT: Opening Night Thursday

Thursday's welcome dinner was delicious--and Force of Nature Agnes Von Weiss made her appearance as the table centerpiece. Blonde and tan, she still doesn't look very pleased in her gorgeous teal silk chiffon gown. Even numbers were drawn for the right to purchase this centerpiece doll.

Each attendee was also treated to Wrap-ture Anja as a special gift doll as well, in addition to dolly-sized beach chairs for lounging.

No photography was permitted during the sneak previews of upcoming Jem and The Holograms presentation. It turns out that these new dolls will be based on the original 1980s era cartoon, rather than remakes of the original Hasbro dolls. Synergy was previewed as well as Jerrica (a morphing version of Jem), as an upcoming ad, and the dolls look very fun. There are also plans to create Rio, Jem's boyfriend.

Guests were each treated to a pair of Jem-themed earbuds as well.

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