Monday, October 1, 2012

Tropicalia convention collection

The Tropicalia convention collection did not disappoint. Overall, I noticed a lot of nice jewelry accents, lots of great shoes, colorful prints, fun mix-n-match pieces, bold color combinations, and some interesting repeated mesh-over-satin bodices that have grown on me.

Let me introduce each of them to you, and then I'll give you my impressions.

Lady in Red Erin S.
A recently refreshed face, her hair is really soft and her mouth is closed (!). The first thing I noticed about this doll is her eyes. At first, I have to confess I wasn't thrilled with her super-low cut outfit (seeing the under-breast articulation isn't my favorite thing), but she's really adorable.

All White Now Collette D.
Interesting cut-outs on this asymmetric gown, Collette isn't in your basic white gown. Her hair was styled gorgeously on display, and her shoes! Oh my. I think they are my favorite.

Haute Société Véronique Perrin
Classic soft facial screening, Barbie blonde and blue-eyed, Vero's outfit is really lovely. It's a two-piece blouse and skirt, in gorgeous pastels, with the mesh overlay on the blouse that you'll see repeated in the Fashion Royalty line. Chunky jewelry and a fabulous bag complete this look.

Main Event Adele Makéda
Adele's reviews were mixed (from what I overheard in the salesroom), but I adore her wild hair. Again, the mesh overlay is seen on her structured asymmetric dress, and it includes great details, like a belt, and some fabulous hourglass seaming. The softer colors were a lovely surprise.

Peak Season Kyori Sato
Dressed for a casual day shopping, a lovely blonde Kyori (is this a refreshed sculpt?) makes an appearance in higher waisted slacks, and a sleeveless blouse with a mesh panel. Again, we see repeated floral themes in her jewelry, and a fabulous bag.

I have to confess--I'm not usually a huge Kyori fan, but I really love this doll.

Sweet Victory Natalia Fatalé
Bolder red mixed with soft pastels, this outfit is really cute. I love the embroidered on the suit jacket, and the details of the "alligator" purse. Natalia has a softer facial screening in the eyes, I think, and casually styled long wavy hair.

Infallible Dasha FR:Squared
Fabulous accessories and shoes combined with a bold royal blue draped dress give Dasha an elegant feel. Her hair is also surprisingly casual and down--but I think it's a nice overall look. The gown is just amazing.

Hot Dots Poppy Parker gift set
The most highly anticipated doll for me--Poppy didn't disappoint. She looks more grown up and a little more sultry with her hair pulled back and more sleepy facial screening. She includes a shorts set, bag, and swimsuit, plus wedge shoes and lots of jewelry.

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