Friday, October 5, 2012


Colbear by alington
Colbear, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Last but not least, it's Colbear. We call him Bear for short, since he's so big.

He's looking in the mirror here, and that's Antoinette there behind him. He follows Chanel and me around all day. He's a good kitty.


  1. What a cutie-puss!

    From the way you describe his personality, though, he is the TOTAL opposite of Camas, who is a tabby with similar coloring. I decide that the description, "Dilute cream, classic American tabby short hair," while accurate, was DULL. So, I decided that Camas's actual breed is "Hoover's Kittyhawk."

    "Hoover," because anything edible in his path, including my dolls apparently, gets vacuumed up immediately, and "Kittyhawk" because that cat's paws rarely touch the floor.

    By the by, have you ever dropped a note to Stephen Colbert, alerting him to his namesake?

  2. Bless, how well does your wall contrast with your cat? Excellent work finding exactly the right shade of green to paint the house! Always wise to colour co-ordinate house decor to accentuate your pets! ;o)

  3. Catching up after being out of town for a long weekend with no internet access. Your kitty-related posts are so adorable! My kitty also seems to ignore my dolls too until I try to photograph them!

    Lisle, IL

  4. Alison, I just LOVE this photo. And Bear looks pretty awesome. Great shot, full of life. :)



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