Monday, October 1, 2012

IT: Saturday Night Gala Fashion Paradise

Saturday night's closing dinner theme, Fashion Paradise, seemed to carry on Tropicalia's bright colors and tan dolls with High Profile Eugenia's ivory and white gown with yellow and orange accents. Because table guests had each already had a chance to win a centerpiece purchase opportunity, numbers were drawn a second time for another chance to win.

The large gift doll box with the gown sewn in was filled with a new surprise as guests were treated to a brand new revamped High Point Vanessa Perrin, looking very much like the original sculpt. (She was given to attendees nude in plastic baggies, with the intent that she go in the dress included at registration. I'm pretty sure she was called a gift doll, rather than the souvenir--but I couldn't really be relied upon for valuable and accurate information at this point in the evening.)

After additional raffle prizes were handed out, the official convention doll (?) was unveiled: Fame by Frame Imogen. The giftset is presented in an adorable zippered beach bag and includes three cocktail dresses, a gorgeous tanned Imogen, and some fabulous accessories.

Finally, the location of next year's convention has been announced: October 31-November 2, 2013 at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Save the date!

Update: I have to confess, this was my first IT convention, and I am aware that the official convention doll is usually given out to attendees piece by piece. I was actually at convention, and I'm still not sure if the convention doll was Imogen or Vanessa--but we got Vanessa first, and Imogen last, interestingly enough. I think there may have been a little... er, confusion in the set-up and/or manufacture this year, and things were done differently. Plus, while I'm confessing... I might have had a glass of champagne or two (or thereabouts) before this particular event, so I'm relying on W Club email in retrospect. ;)

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