Monday, October 1, 2012

IT: Color Infusion Style Lab

An ever-popular workshop at IT's convention is the Design-a-doll workshop, which was replaced this year with the Color Infusion Style Lab. There were (I think) 14 different dolls available--four different boys and ten girls. Several outfits were also available--I know not quite as many outfits as dolls. 

Interestingly, these dolls are not Dynamite Girls. The girls actually use the new Jem body (which is taller and has larger hands and feet than other IT body sculpts), and all the faces are new faces. The boys use the Chip sculpt, I believe.

The boys sold first--and several of the attendees at convention waited in line for 5 hours before the lab even opened to have first choice of the dolls on their list!

The outfits are fun, fresh, and feel 1980s inspired with their bright colors and styles. Girls came with straight hair, with designers on hand to help with hair styling.

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  1. I love the ladies but the guys, I just keep that to myself!


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