Friday, November 14, 2014

Beatnik Blues in IT Girl

Beatnik Blues

Beatnik Blues OOAK reroot Poppy Parker is modeling IT Girl's fashion (the companion doll from this past IFDC), which turns out to be quite a nice look for her, I think.

Sometimes, I love to match the hair and clothing of the dolls in my collection. I think it can be sort of fun. And I do have a weakness for dolls with fantasy hair color, for some weird reason. They speak to me!

Beatnik Blues


  1. I like the doll and the fashion together, but I'm not ready to see what looks like a Christmas tree in the background!! :)

    1. Lol, Barb! It's a prop from the Barbie convention, and indeed, it is a Christmas tree. :) Too early, I know, but it makes such pretty lights I use it all the time, I'm embarrassed to say! I have a pink one, too--I should use that one, I guess, since it isn't as Christmas-y.


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