Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashionably Suited Ru Yi

Ryu in Fashionably Suited

My favorite JAMIEshow girl, Ru Yi, gets to model Fashionably Suited, a new fashion made by Integrity Toys for Poppy Parker Fashion Teen. It's quite cute and retro.

I love the fabric used for the suit--it's a nice heavy weight, but not too bulky. It fits her very well, too. Underneath the suit, she's wearing a satin navy shell. The necklace broke before I even got a chance to put it on, unfortunately, but it's still wearable, and I can probably fix it. The purse feels Chanel-inspired--in fact, the entire look feels sort of classic Chanel to me.

There are also navy gloves included with the outfit, not shown here. They'd add a lot, but also for a lot of effort, which I didn't care to put into this photo shoot.

You can see a few more photos on Flickr.

Ryu in Fashionably Suited


  1. Hi Alison, this is a lovely suit, the fabric is amazing, it has the perfect feel of a human-size one! The purse is also very nice, does it open? Ru Yi is a fabulous model, I haven't seen a JamieShow doll in real life yet, I really must do something about that :-).

  2. I haven't actually tried opening this purse, but the other bags in this collection open, so I'd bet this one does, too. Definitely check out JAMIEshow when you get a chance! I think for the price, and otherwise, you can't beat them for fashion resin dolls!

  3. I adore tiny purses. I don't have any justification for this...but I think of Billy Boy's Feeling Groovy when I see this doll. Doesn't look anything like her, I guess it's the vibe.

  4. Ruyi is a new doll for me, and I like her distinctive look. The suit really looks good on her, especially with the pony tail wig.

    1. Thanks! She's one of the first original JAMIEshow resin fashion dolls, and I think they made her in very limited numbers, so she's really hard to find, unfortunately. She's one of my very favorite dolls of all times--she has such a sassy look to her, kind of vintage, too, you know? :)


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