Friday, November 14, 2014

Glamorous Misaki

Glamorous Misaki

Along the same lines as the OOAK Beatnik Blues, I could hardly pass up this lovely rerooted Misaki. She is a limited edition of 4, I believe, created by the talented Rob Thompson for this past year's Wave from Japan seminar at IFDC.

Here, Misaki is modeling the fashion from Glamorous Darling Poppy Parker, the souvenir doll from IFDC. It's quite a lovely gown, I think, and it matches the purple in her hair.

It has the effect of lifting Misaki's dour mood, much to her chagrin. I just love this doll--she is so delightfully grumpy--with her long bangs obscuring her face, and her purple and black hair. I think she's wonderful!

Glamorous Misaki


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