Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion Explorer Vanessa, restyled

Fashion Explorer Vanessa

I've decided to take down Fashion Explorer Vanessa Perrin's hair--it was in a wrapped ponytail, also quite pretty. But I like her even more with her hair down, it turns out. I think I may straighten it a little as well in the future.

Here, she is dressed in several pieces from Vivid Impact Agnes' fashion, Polished Korinne's necklace (I think), and a belt from another FR2 fashion.

This doll was one of the upgrade dolls offered by the W Club this year.


  1. Hi! I am looking to buy this Vanessa and wondered if her hair is fully rooted or is she bald underneath her ponytail?? If I do buy her I think I'll want to take her hair down but baldness bothers me... 😉

  2. She's fully rooted, as far as I remember--I don't recall any bald spots when I took her ponytail down, though she is now completely restyled in my collection as the Queen Bee (so i can't really tell). I do remember that I liked her much better with her hair down--and I think I straightened out her hair with a boil perm as well, but it was a while ago. :) HTH!


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