Monday, November 3, 2014

Integrity Toys Gloss convention

Conventioneers were welcomed with the official welcome doll Gloss, an ITBE exclusive doll. I believe she uses the Erin face sculpt, limited to 500--as the number of registered attendees was also 500.

I'm adding here that this doll uses the original NuFace body, not the updated one, as the W Club luncheon was the debut of the new NuFace body, and they didn't want the surprise to be spoiled!

The table centerpiece for the first dinner is Sheer Sensuality, and she uses the original Vanessa Perrin face sculpt, much to my surprise. She's quite pretty, and limited to 350 dolls. Convention centerpiece dolls usually sell for about $150 each.

Guests were also given Le Smoking, a limited edition of 500 Adele Makeda official Gloss souvenir doll. She's dressed in an amazing white satin suit with a marabou boa--and it wasn't until I saw this doll that the 1970s inspiration of the convention finally came together.

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