Monday, November 3, 2014

W Club Luncheon - NuFace returns

Chrome Noir Erin Salston - giveaway doll, W Club luncheon

 NuFace was the theme of the W Club luncheon this year at the Integrity Toys convention. The dolls have gotten a body upgrade--with a better arm structure (similar to FR2) and a slightly more uplifted rear.

The giveaway doll was Chrome Noir. This lovely Erin has dark hair with a streak of brown, in a sequin shorts outfit.

Sensuous Affair Giselle Diefendorf - centerpiece
Additionally, Sensuous Affair Giselle Diefendorf was available for purchase. This centerpiece was available for all attendees for $150.

Evening Siren Ayumi N.
This doll is a brand new sculpt. A new body and a new look, too--Jason Wu collaborated with Vaughn to complete her look. She was also available at the W Club luncheon for purchase. I'm not sure about her price.
Tantalizing Dominique Makeda - official workshop doll
Rob's official workshop doll, this lovely doll Tantalizing was available in the salesroom (with the enrollment of a workshop), and she was also announced at the luncheon. (I think she's my favorite!)

OOAK Erin Salston
NuFantasy collection Erin, this one of a kind doll was available in the raffle room. She was inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.

OOAK Giselle Diefendorf
A little modern, a little disco, a little 70s, NuFace makes a comeback with this one of a kind Giselle, also offered as a raffle win.


  1. Chrome Noire Erin is amazing, I also like the OOAK dolls, but Erin really impressed me

  2. The two OOAK dolls are stunning! I haven't seen pictures of them anywhere else. Thanks for sharing them!

    I like that you included the price for some of the dolls. Giselle (I would love to own her!) was only $150 at the event but is going for $300-$500. Who wouldn't like a 100%+ profit on a purchase? It does, however, give me pause. The same for any giveaway dolls, especially when the starting bids are over $100. Definitely something for me to consider when making purchases.

    1. Definitely! I think IT conventions are pretty amazing when it comes to resale value--and all of this comes down to supply and demand, of course. You can almost always pay off the registration cost, plus most of the hotel when you attend with many of the freebies you receive at this convention. Of course, you pay for the centerpiece dolls--which require to have a bunch of money up front, and you have to take the time off work, too. But then--you get the first-hand experience, and it's a really fantastic one.

      I plan to attend next year (it's in Long Beach--driving distance for me), and I think it should be a blast. I always have a great time. My only problem is that I tend to fall in love with the dolls that sell the best, you know? :)


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