Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Friday night Party, and Saturday Gala - Integrity Toys Gloss convention

Illustrious Luxury Wear
Attendees were given the lovely Illustrious outfit as a freebie at the Friday night party--it appears to be a red variation of the centerpiece Vanessa's purple outfit. I believe this has a retail value of $50 from IT.

Intrique Elise Jolie
The centerpiece at Saturday night's Gala was called Intrigue, and is a platinum Elise Jolie with blue eye and pale lips. She's dressed in a black jumpsuit. She sold for $150.

Intimate Reveal Agnes Von Weiss
The official convention souvenir doll, according to a W Club email I received, anyway (it is a little hard to tell if it's Agnes, Erin or Adele this year) was also revealed at the Saturday evening gala. It's Intimate Reveal Agnes Von Weiss. She's dressed in a fancy black and nude gown, with a sexy of a lingerie-inspired feel. Agnes has her dark hair pulled back in a simple pony, and her hazel eyes have smokey screening and she features pale lips. She's quite a doll--I've always loved Silver Zinger Agnes, and she looks a lot like this doll, in my opinion.

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