Wednesday, November 12, 2014

IT Direct dolls and Workshop doll - Gloss convention

The IT Direct dolls worked a little differently this year than in years past. Each attendee was given tickets to purchase every doll this time--so everyone got an equal chance for every doll this year. (I hope they keep this up--that's a great idea!).

There was a little confusing on the email as to which were which from these basic editions, but I believe the doll in orange is actually Oomph! I'm not sure what sculpt she is, but she might be Ayumi on the Poppy Parker body.

Both Jolt! and Zing! use the Amelie face in tan skin with blonde hair, and I think Zing! is the one in Aqua. I love both of these girls. I'm pretty sure Oomph, Zing and Jolt retailed for $75 per doll, but I didn't attend, so I'm not certain.

This is Jolt! I believe, who also uses the Amelie face sculpt. I think she is on the original FR: Nippon/Poppy Parker body.

Dial "V" for Victoire is the Victoire Roux character from convention, and offered to all attendees.  She has a unique outfit which includes several versatile pieces for styling opportunities, silver jewelry, pumps and boots. I'm not sure of her price, but I think she was around $100.

Hanne Erikson makes an appearance as Afterhours in a lovely navy sequined gown, with a tan skin tone, blonde hair, and brown eyes. I don't know her original price.

Of course every IT convention needs at least two Poppy Parker dolls, and this one is the IT Direct version, Wild Thing. I believe she was $100. She is also quite pretty in person.

Time Served is a workshop doll offered for one of the workshops offered during the convention. Again, I'm sorry to say I don't know his original price.

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