Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Integrity Toys Gloss Convention Collection

Finally, I've got the remaining photos (I hope) from Integrity Toys Gloss convention. These are the dolls from the convention collection. Each attendee was given a ticket for each doll shown here, which allowed them the right to purchase one of each doll. After their given spot in the showroom, sales opened up, and remainders were offered to other attendees, so attendees were able to leave with multiples.

It isn't yet known if all the dolls have sold out, but usually there are some dolls leftover, which are then offered on Integrity Toys website. I believe these dolls sold for $125 at convention, but have a retail price of $150. Discounts were also offered to attendees who purchased the entire collection in advance and had the dolls shipped home. Each of the convention dolls were limited to 500.

Above, it's Nocturnal Glow Vanessa Perrin. She uses the current Vanessa sculpt.

Grandiose Natalia Fatale uses the current Natalia sculpt. You'll notice the Gloss theme is sort of a 1970s/disco inspired theme, which is sort of consistent through this collection.


Kyori Sato makes an appearance as Nightshade in a dramatic black gown here. She uses the current Kyori sculpt as well.

No convention collection would be complete without Eugenia Frost, who makes an appearance in Cold-Shoulder. This ice blue dress is sort of a modern interpretation of disco, I think.

My favorite of all the convention collection is Vanessa Perrin in Adorned. She has gorgeous auburn curls in a Farrah Fawcett feathers, and is wearing a sky blue chiffon gown with a deep-V neckline.

Another lovely doll from this collection is Dark Moon Poppy Parker. She sold out very quickly, one of my friend told me, and she's lovelier in person than she is in the promo photos.

A surprise addition to the collection is La Ville Lumiere (The City of Lights) Simonette Bertorelli, a friend to Victoire Roux. She is a new sculpt but has the same body as Victoire.


  1. All of these dolls look very beautiful!

  2. I was disappointed in Simonetta... I was hoping for a Sophia Lorane look-alike, now that would be worth collecting, but she looks too dollish...


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