Monday, April 27, 2009

New Summer Barbie Releases

A couple of fun new Barbies are coming out in June, and I may need her cute furniture and outfit! The Barbie is called Jonathan Adler Barbie, and retails for just $49.95, and includes the clever little set you see there. There will also be a furniture collection released later this year--with an amazing upholstered pink couch, which my FR ladies are pestering me about--but I haven't seen a photo I can use here, nor a price.
Also in June, the next in the Blonde Ambition series is due to be released, and it's going to be Heidi Klum, from Project Runway! I'll need to be getting this lady (for my little ones) and possibly re-bodying her, just like Alice (see her showing it off with the rest of my Alice collection here). No picture of the new Heidi doll yet, but I'm hoping she's fabulous. She's only $44.95 retail.
Barbie photo courtesy Mattel.

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