Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Exclusive outfit for Creedy BJD by Michele Hardy from Sweetheart's Dolls

Available exclusively to Sweethearts, this hand-crafted limited edition outfit of only seven pieces is available for the bargain price of just $65 from Sweetheart's Dolls. You must be a Sweetheart (at this time) to order, but you can join the group, if you like.
This outfit is designed to fit Berdine Creedy BJDs, such as Precious, Gorgeous, Destini, Sereniti, Harmoni, etc. It's shown here on Precious, who has also had a face-up by Michele.
If you missed her article in Dolls Magazine, you've really missed out. Michele Hardy does amazing work with her dolls and face-ups. She has an amazing collection of eclectic clothing styles for tweenie BJDs and does amazing work on BJD face-ups. You can see the electronic version of the article below For more information about Michele, visit her website.
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July 2009

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