Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fantastic store online for Goodreau...

A clean look, fun products at affordable prices, too--check it out when you get a chance. I was really delighted and surprised to find the following items (which don't compete with my beloved doll dealers!) on this site:
  • Exclusive charity dolls--there are two resin dolls that are just plain adorable. 100% of the profits go to charity. The dolls are 8" tall, fully ball-jointed, and only available online. (I'm so tempted by Adeline Joy! I'm sure she will be my first 8" resin doll...)
  • Several outfits that were previously only available on a dressed doll, such as China Blossom, are now available as an outfit only, at an reasonable price.
  • Terrific prices on previous season's outfits--check out Mermaid Elegance, listed for just $36, and Santa Baby for just $24! So tempting!
  • BJD bodies and heads are available separately, so you can build your own doll. The new bodies are resin, and are listed for $155-$230 for 16"-17" tall dolls. Very reasonable! Heads are listed separately, and are sold with face-ups and eyes set. You choose the sculpt you want, listed at $70 each. Incredible prices for resin BJDs!
  • Fun new wigs are also available, listed for $15-20 each.
  • The new 8" complete dolls and new outfits are listed online, also. The bodies are unisex, for extra customizability.
  • Extra 8" resin heads are also available on the site--listed for $40 each, for extra play for your dolls.
I'm really impressed with the new store. I think it was worth the wait! I can't wait to place my first order--scare, scare for my dolly budget (I can here my credit card cringing now)!

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