Thursday, April 16, 2009

New dolls are on the way...

Finally--we're settled in to our new house enough and I've finished a layaway payment on several items at Sweetheart's Dolls.
Within the next week, I'll be adding a Goodreau 17" resin doll, Secret, to my collection, along with the Come Home Alice outfit (along with a wig and shoes), as well as my very first Berdine Creedy doll, Destini, a "tweenie" resin BJD, who is almost 13", and includes three interchangeable faceplates, so she can sleep, smile or be serious. (She also includes two sets of eyes and two wigs.)
Now that I'm looking at her, I also see I'll be needing to add another outfit to my collection, the Dressed Up Alice outfit--which would be perfect for my Alice in Wonderland theme. I can't wait!
Photos courtesy Goodreau Doll and Berdine Creedy.

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