Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last minute doll budget management.

Or, "How Not to Manage Your Doll Budget."
I'm the expert on how to go over budget on your doll spending. Seriously, I could write a book.
When you're depressed, buy a doll. When you're in a good mood, buy a doll! When you've lost a pound, buy a doll. When you gain a pound--buy a doll!
At any rate, to make amends to my family's imminent crisis, I have posted a huge number of items--some of them shocking--and with gorgeous photos, I might add--to the Doll Page Show & Sell marketplace. Please check them out. And at this point, I am willing to negotiate. (We haven't discussed next month's budget issues yet, either. Ugh!)
At what point will staying at home with your four children be a paid or valued position in society? At least enough so I can afford the dolls I'd like in my collection? Who knows! I sure don't. In the meantime, here's the link to my gallery. Some of the photos may not be available yet, but they will be shortly. Thanks!

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