Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pullip wish list...

My growing Pullip wish list is getting a little scary. The more I see of these dolls, the more I like them! Anyone have a good recommendation for a good source for Pullip dolls? I've seen Valley of the Dolls and Pullip Style, but I've never ordered from either site. Here are the top dolls I'd like to add to my collection (if my budget were unlimited, of course!):
  • Another Alice, which is a limited edition doll of 500, who is available at Valley of the Dolls for $148. I like her unique golden take on the traditional Alice.
  • Isolde, who is the gorgeous curly-haired blonde with the fluffy gown. She's an ultra-limited edition of 300 pieces. Currently, she is for sale at Valley of the Dolls for a mere $800.
  • Aquel is another Pullip from 2007 who is still in stock at Pullip Style for $84.95. She's not supposed to be Alice, but I thought she could pass for one. And with her pink hair, she might make a punky version of one, too!
  • Fantastic Alice is sold out just about everywhere. I'm sure I could find her on Ebay, if I wanted to pay a lot of money. But still. She's the full-sized Pullip doll in the traditional Alice costume.
  • Blue Alice is a little Pullip, and just adorable. She's only about 4-3/4" tall. She's in stock at Pullip Style for just $32. She might be an ideal first Pullip for me. I'm tempted!
For those of you new to Pullip, she's about 12" tall and fully articulated. She has an oversized head, and her eyes can open, close and look left and right. Each doll includes a stand, trading card, an outfit and accessories, and new dolls are released each month.
Photos courtesy JUN Planning.

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