Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally--I'm getting settled.

We bought a new house this month--April 3 was our closing date--and it's our very first house. Finally, I had a chance to set up my dolls today. I found a great glass display case at IKEA for under $60, and my husband put it together for me this afternoon.These are a few iPhone photos of my current display. I'm also including a few of the top of our bookcase--which aren't currently holding any books yet, since a girl has to have her priorities, of course. I can't wait to unpack my sewing machine next.
The arrangement: 
  • On the bookshelf, I've got five Tonner dolls, displaying A Brief History of Fashion. Paris Fashion Doll Festival Mademoiselle a la Mode Tyler, La Belle Mademoiselle Sydney, Tyler Bordeaux, Deco Dance Sydney and Milieu de l'Hiver Tyler.
  • On the top shelf of the glass display case, NuFace models Colette (Odd Girl Out), Lilith & Eden (Convention 2008 giftset), and Fashion Royalty Adele (Paparazzi Bait)
  • Isha (Something Cool), Vanessa (Foreign Affair), Luchia (Bewitching Hour), Lana Turner (Club Exclusive)
  • True Royalty Vanessa and Queen V Veronique
  • Goodreau dolls are on the bottom shelf, China Blossom vinyl Innuendo (dressed in Gothic Lolita and the Snow Kai wig), and Gothic Alice, resin BJD.
  • Outside the display case, American Model La Belle Grande.

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