Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Announcement from Tonner Doll Company

I've heard this important announcement from several Tonner Doll dealers now, and thought I'd pass it along to you as well. It looks like an interesting new way to run a company, I think, and I'm excited about how this will work. Mark your calendars!
With our collector's ever-increasing reliance on the internet we realize a major shift in purchasing patterns has firmly taken hold. Collectors enjoy being able to obtain products they desire as fast as possible and without having time for reconsideration. Coupled with a year-round flow of product from our factories we have developed a new schedule of future product releases.
Tonner products will now debut on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month on tonnerdirect.com. We will be forwarding the posting information such as photos, prices and descriptions to our retail partners the Mondays preceding each release so they may have sufficient time to add the information to their own websites. We ask that orders not be taken and that information regarding the release not be disseminated prior to the release. 
The first such release is scheduled for Wednesday, August 10th, so retailers will receive relevant information on Monday, August 8th.
Some new lines will need more detailed and complete introductions than most. When those lines are being introduced we will also be furnishing a line plan so collectors will grasp the breadth of a line since some purchasing decisions are based on "what's to come." In addition, some future lines will require that collectors understand the intent behind a line and will need to see more than several pieces. We will make those introductions as appropriately and thoroughly as possible.
We're excited for this opportunity to streamline not only our new product introductions, but to also help you streamline your business and revenue stream with a flow of new products that are in-stock at time of introduction on a continuous, year-round schedule. We hope this new release plan will be a benefit to all.

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