Sunday, July 3, 2011

Plastic Inevitable

The newest line of Dynamite Girls from Integrity has been shipping out to customers.  The line includese 3 girls (Rufus Blue, Aria & Jett) and 2 new boys (Auden & Remi).  I personally have the 3 girls, so I'll just be posting pics of them here today, but you can see the boys on flickr from plenty of members if you're interested.

So the Dynamite Girls were upgraded last year with new legs, so they no longer have the knobby knees and in this collection they got new hands (they are they same as Misaki dolls).  The changes to this line over the past year have been very impressive and this line is becoming a force in the doll community.  The fashions are of very high quality, fabulously designed and now come with metal accessories.  The upgrade in this area along with the doll itself has brought in new collectors.

The fashions on these particular girls are just fabulous! The jackets are done beautifully, have great detail and are fully lined.  Aria's jeans are really cool with the gold flaking in the fabric, Rufus' printed top is such fun and Jett's little bustier with decorative stitching is really beautiful.

Personally I'm SUPER impressed with these girls and love them all and am really looking forward to the next collection that will come out later this year, CheckMates.  My personal favorite is probably Aria, although I loooove Rufus' inky-blue hair.  Jett has a little vintage-retro-y vibe going on.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Shug! Thanks for posting!

  2. So lovely!! i wante to ask what is the name of those dolls that look more real than barbies?

  3. I have been following your posts since your return trip. I haven't commented because frankly, I am in awe of your tenacity! Seemingly, you are being have accomplished so much! You are a great credit to your profession and love for these little gorgeous creations. You inspire me Vanessa! Love You!


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