Thursday, July 14, 2011

Color Infusion @ the IFDC

Rebel Spirit by alington
Rebel Spirit, a photo by alington on Flickr.
The real reason I didn't get photos of every single doll at Integrity's booth was because I was so distracted by the Color Infusion line. Click here to see the Flickr album.

I just ended up adding Cosmic Love to my pre-orders (I'm already waiting for Rebel Spirit). I mean, with my obsession for color--my hair, every room in my house being another color--and Amelie (I mean $125 for an Amelie sculpt?)--wow! It's like IT is out to get me. (Just kidding!)

I'm sure many collectors saw these dolls and thought, "Eeew. Too many colors, not enough black. Too much clashing. Not for me." But if you'd seen them in person...

Let me convince you.
  1. The line is affordable. Amelie has got to be the cutest face sculpt around. You can't find her new for less than $200 (unless you go to Denise's Wave from Japan seminar at IFDC).
  2. The outfits. Rebel Spirit: black shoes and white shorts. Brown corset belt. Red purse. I consider those neutral. OK, maybe Cosmic Love isn't that neutral. Her socks are black, her stole white, and her purse is gold. 
  3. Color! Rebel Spirit: mustard coat, turquoise shirt, navy socks. Cosmic Love: pink dress, purple shoes!
  4. Can you say accessories? Sunglasses, bangles, purse, ring, earrings, socks, belt, necklace, stole...
  5. Hair. I love their colored hair and Rebel Spirit's funky up-do. I think Cosmic Love might be channeling Rihanna just a little.
This line is for me. I can't wait to see what's next. I'd love to see Misaki in this line, too.

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  1. I LOVED this line! Already had Cosmic Love on Preorder, but now I feel I need Rebel Spirit!


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