Thursday, July 14, 2011

IFDC NuFantasy photos

Go West by alington
Go West, a photo by alington on Flickr.
All righty then! Let's get started on a few under-lit Integrity Toys dolls from the IFDC. I love seeing dolls in person, instead of promotional photos. Seeing the dolls in person is exciting, even if they aren't dolls I would normally collect. (All I can say is: It's a good thing the dolls at Integrity's table weren't for sale.)

Click this link to see the NuFantasy and Vampire Bride dolls.

Go West, shown here, was an IFDC exclusive, and uses the Natalia face sculpt. Her outfit is purple and black, and she's got an emerald green ring on her finger. Her entire look is couture and rather wicked looking.

I'm sorry I didn't get a better photo of her shoes--I believe the heels have silver flying monkeys on them.

I was delighted by the Snow White collection, Pure and Malicious. Both dolls are very well done. Malicious's (is that right?) outfit in particular has this felted wool cape that was spidery and creepy. And Pure, oh my! Her outfit is just wonderful, and her face adorable. (I can see her redressed.)

A great surprise to me were the Vampire Brides. I love vampires, but I prefer them in large BJD form over vinyl. These ladies are really wonderful in person, and unexpectedly, my favorite is the Contessa.

Enjoy the photos, and let me know what you think! Did you pre-order any of these? Are you more or less excited about them now?


  1. Hi concerning this doll, I just bought her from online. As this is my very first FR doll isn't she supposed to come with shoes? And the stand has 2 holes in the square base and only one metal stick yet 2 pieces one that goes under the doll under her skirt and one I assume to hold up her arms..... my question is besides the shoes that is missing is there a 2nd metal stick missing as well?

  2. Hi there,

    I do remember this doll included shoes. IT shipped started shipping these dolls with stands that could be used to display two dolls, and often included a straight saddle stand and a under arm stand as well, for the other doll. But honestly, I think this doll included a round stand with a single hole for a saddle stand, since this was many years ago, and this newer style stand is a relatively new addition.


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