Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eeek--My next wish list item!

Oh dear, I've been spending too much time surfing the web. I found another item for my wishlist. It's from Dolkot, who has mixed reviews, according to Den of Angels. (You may need to have an account at Den of Angels to read the feedback, but it's definitely worthwhile to sign up!)
At any rate, Peya is a cute little 16cm (6-1/2") tall resin BJD called a Hand Fairy. She's just adorable. What's getting me is that I've seen photos of SD-sized dolls holding this one, and she looks like she's the right size for a BJD for an SD-sized doll. She can stand on her own, of course, and has a slim, mature body sculpt with elbow and wrist joints, as well as rotating hips, ankles and knee joints as well.

Her retail price is $198, and includes default clothes, box, wig, and eyes but you can add a face-up for $25, and extra eyes for $12, and body blushing for $30. Additionally, there are two full-sets available:

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