Sunday, September 13, 2009

Second release of Alice in Labyrinth head & body doll

The Alice head sculpt by Alice in Labyrinth is available as a head and body combination in a second run. And she is now also available in a painted or blank version.

She stands 14.6 inches tall, and suggested eyes are 12-14mm. Her painted version runs $430, and blank version is $370.

Her unique body shows a very interesting flanged joint system, with hidden and beautiful joints, though the knee joints allow for about a 90 degree angle bend only. I think her hands, fingers and toes are really gorgeous, too. (She's very tempting!)

Photos courtesy of Alice in Labyrinth.


  1. LOL, name me a doll lately, particularly an Alice that has NOT been tempting, m'dear!

  2. Er, I'll let you know when one comes up, Blue!


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