Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sensual in Frivolous

Sensual in Frivolous, originally uploaded by alington.

This is Sensual Antoinette, who has been redressed in the outfit Frivolous. Both the doll (I bought her nude as a split from Dreamcastle) and the outfit are from the 2009 Tonner Doll line.

The outfit is 1920s flapper inspired, I think, though it isn't really historical. The outfit also includes a pair of black tights, which aren't shown here--they seemed to detract from her lovely pale skin tone.

Sensual poses nicely. Her body feels quite different from the other Antoinette dolls I own--lighter weight, it seems, in addition to its lighter skin tone (cameo). I have to admit that when I initially took her out of the box, I didn't like her. I was disappointed that she didn't have eyelashes, and something about her didn't agree with me. After her first photo shoot, however, she really seems to be growing on me.

You can see lots more photos in my Mobile Me gallery. Enjoy!

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