Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun with Creedy dolls..

Harmoni and Uniti, originally uploaded by alington.

I've redressed Harmoni (and changed her sad little eyes to brown) as Alice, and also my exclusive Mod Alice (Uniti sculpt) as the White Rabbit (well, sort of), using a combination of outfits by Michele Hardy. Both dolls are 12-3/4" resin BJDs by Berdine Creedy. I also straightened out Uniti's eyes a bit.

You may not be able to tell from these photos, but I've blushed Harmoni. And Uniti will be next, as soon as I refill my sealant supply. It's easy and fun, using pastels. I love the effect!

Tea party accessories are by Rement. I think the petit fours are a Tiny Kitty accessory, from the Christmas Hat Box gift set.

You can see more photos on Flickr, and there are larger photos posted on my Mobile Me gallery.


  1. Olá amiga! lindas bonecas, agradeço que me diga se elas são para venda e quanto custa? adoro estas bonecas. BEJUSSSSSS

  2. Compré las muñecas (por Berdine Creedy) de http://www.sweetheartsdolls.com (pero que se vende actualmente fuera de Uniti (la muñeca de la derecha). Para ella, ir a la http://www.netcollecting.com / Pages/BCUniti1.html y usted puede encontrar allí. Las muñecas son caros, pero ya que son de la temporada pasada, que corren alrededor de $ 272.

    El traje de Alice in Wonderland es también un traje Creedy, y ambos NetCollecting (http://www.netcollecting.com/Pages/BC_Clothing_Alice.html - $ 50) y novios (http://www.sweetheartsdolls.com/berdine2008.htm -- $ 45) lleva en stock. El equipo es realmente vacaciones juntos de varios conjuntos que compré de Michele Hardy (excepto las orejas son el conjunto de Alice). Check out sitio impresionante Michele aquí: http://www.thedollpage.com/marketplace/store.php?login=mhardy

    Espero que ayude! :)

  3. You have a real talent for this! I've only just begun to even think about dabbling in repainting dolls (Barbies, specifically). I want to tackle rerooting first. :)

  4. Thanks, MJ!

    I have to confess--I've never attempted a reroot. I'd be too scared, LOL! Something about a large surface and pastels is so much more soothing to me, than a hank of hair and a tiny needle... though I love quilting!

    Maybe it wouldn't be so bad! I hear it's fun! (I'd love to try it!) Let me know how it goes! :)


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