Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tiny Kai - by Elfdoll

Kai, originally uploaded by alington.

My very first Elfdoll has arrived, and I don't think she will be my last! She's adorable.

Kai is a flower fairy. She's a full set, including the dress with attached feather wings, face-up, eyes (3mm--one blue, one brown), and wig, which still needs to be attached to the head cap properly.

She stands 14cm tall (about 5.5 inches). She's slim, but has a miniature woman's shapely body. And she also includes magnetic feet--these white shoes and a set of bare feet--which are at the same time simple to change and stay on securely. She also came strung with closed-fist hands, and included a pair of open hands as well.

I was examining how her wrist joints work--I had never before unstrung a doll (and wasn't planning on starting on one so tiny)--when I accidentally unhooked Kai's right hand. The elastic crept up the wrist ball joint, but I caught it before her entire arm came unstrung. I was able to get another (right) open hand hooked back on, as well as the wrist ball joint (thankfully, right side up, on the second try). After the experience, I've decided I'd better learn about restringing dolls, and soon!

I bought her from Lone Star Dolls, who I highly recommend. The doll was not only in stock on Monday, she shipped the same day, and I received her today (Wednesday)--free shipping, too! And she even included an extra wig, for free. I recommend this store highly, and will definitely be ordering again--probably sooner than I should.

See more photos with Kai, including a few posed with Sky and Morphoa (my SD-sized dolls), for a size reference on my Mobile Me gallery. She's so cute! You can even see more extreme photos of her box opening, too.

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