Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morphoa has arrived!

Morphoa, originally uploaded by alington.

Finally, Morphoa, my first Doll-Zone SD-sized BJD, has made her arrival. You can check out my box-opening photos here. (Sure, it's a little out of control.)

After waiting so long, I was afraid I wouldn't be as thrilled with her as I would have hoped, and I was also afraid her red eyes and flower tattoo would scare me a little. But I shouldn't have worried: it was love at first sight!

Morphoa is 58cm (almost 23 inches) tall, and she's a white-skin doll, and her eyes are 18mm. She has double-jointed elbows and knees, which is different from my other SD-sized doll, a Peak's Woods Sky. Morphoa can touch her face, cross her arms, and keep her arms posed easily without assistance, right out of the box. Plus, kneeling and sitting poses are easy for her as well.

Her outfit is a little over the top--she has white puffy bloomers with coral and purple trim, a strapless zip-back babydoll top with bells and bows on the front, a collar with chiffon trim, a pair of sleeves with bells and ribbons, striped socks, platform shoes with ribbon ties, and a lace-trimmed petticoat. Her long pink wig is the only part of the outfit that leaves anything to be desired--the bangs look a little thin, but it can be worked with and styled.

The doll also included an extra pair of high-heeled feet, which is nice, and I love the shape of her fingers and elegant hands. Her pale skin is longing for some blushing, though! I just can't wait!

You can see more photos on my Mobile Me gallery. Enjoy!

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