Thursday, September 24, 2009

Morphoa redressed

When I get a new doll, I have to completely redress her and see how she looks in different outfits (and wigs and eyes, if she's a ball-jointed doll). I haven't switched out her eyes (yet), but here's Morphoa, my newest Doll-Zone SD-sized girl, modeling an outfit by Michele Hardy, bohemian shepherdess style, in a mohair wig.

I think she passes! I can't wait to swap out her eyes--I have a pair of 16mm (or maybe 18mm) hazel eyeballs I am dying to try out! I think they will really suit her. But all in good time! She's just so much fun.

I'm still learning the intricacies of how she poses. She is really fun to photograph. You can see her full photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery.


  1. Hey, thx for the comment on my post, I saw your box opening of Morphoa on DOA, I just love her! My parents are really awesome to let me get my doll for birthday/christmas combined. i'm glad you like the color combos, my mom was thinking they would be too bright but I think she'll be like a little munchkin from munchkinland or someone from candyland. I hope you love your Morphoa!!!

  2. You're very welcome--and thanks for yours!

    What a fantastic gift--I can't think of a better present! I don't think she's too bright at all. She is very bright, and I can understand she wouldn't be for everyone's taste, but I just think she's amazing.

    And she is also available as a nude doll with a natural face-up, for those who love her sad little face--she's just gorgeous natural, too. Did you see her here:

  3. Oops I should have been more specific, I meant my mom thinks my doll is too bright...especially the eyes. She hasn't seen Morphoa before. But she would probably like her because all of her colors are close on the color wheel. She thinks the bright eyes and pink hair on my doll are rather jarring.

    And also, I was reading about your tiny elfdoll (I've always wanted one!) and the hand incident. About restringing: it's not too bad. There's a really good video on YouTube that I watched a few times. They're all put together pretty much the same, except for sometimes the legs will use 2 strings/ sometimes 1 string. I restrung a Puki and she's pretty small. As long as you have the proper tools and everything, you should be fine. After restringing my first doll I really liked it. I've restrung all my dolls now. They didn't actually need it (one did) but I just like doing it and seeing how they're put together.

    If you're going to do one, don't do the Goodreau because I have Whisper and their wrist and feet hooks are a little weird. I'd say that whichever one you play with the least is the one you should practice on. When taking apart, make sure to take the wrist/feek hooks off of the string inside, not the actual hand/foot (You probably already know this because of the way your Kai's arm fell apart). This was my mistake when I first unstrung my Goodreau. There's a resin hook on the wrist, then a ball, then an s hook that goes on the string. I thought I had to take it out of the hand. So the hook was free and shot right up into the arm (a pain to get out and damaging to the resin). So don't be too nervous, it will probably work out fine!!!

    So here is the video, Part 1 shows unstringing mostly and the beggining of restringing.

    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -

    And Luts' picture tutorial, which is also very good and talks about lengths of string, when it talks about nipper scissors i think it means forceps.

  4. Wow--this is great! Thanks for this--saves me so much time to go look it up myself. :)

    JUST what I needed.

    And yes, exactly what you described is what happened to Kai (almost)--so maybe I won't start off with one of my Goodreaus, then, LOL!

    I'll check these out and see if I can give it a try myself. I do probably need some of my own tools, though. I'm sure that would help!


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