Sunday, September 6, 2009

How do you decide on a doll?

When you're deciding to add a doll to your collection, what criteria do you consider? I'm having a difficult time, especially when it comes to adding another BJD to my collection.
Here's my dilemma. I'd like a tiny BJD--as small as possible. So far, the smallest I have is a 5" Goodreau Ashlyn. And I'd like this next one to be considered an ABJD. I've found a couple I think are cute, but one is twice as pricey as most others, and while the manufacturer has gotten recent positive reviews on service, but some older negative reviews (from a year ago or more).

Now--here are my considerations:
  • Height. I'd like the doll to be 6" (15 cm) or shorter
  • Look. I prefer this doll not to have overly large proportioned head.
  • The doll I like best so far looks like a miniature woman, sort of fairy-like, but I'm not married to this idea.
  • I'd like her to stand easily on her own, so probably larger feet
  • Female (or appear female)
  • Expressive face
  • Good reviews from current owners
  • I'd like to see some real-life photos of the doll, if possible.
What else should I consider? I would pay for a full-set. I'd love a sleeping face or head option, too, if that's available. Or extra hands. I don't mind paying extra. Have any favorites? Maybe I should post on Den of Angels for advice and photo requests.


  1. I just replied to you on DoA, didn't realise you were the same person! I suggested a tiny by Elfdoll, such as Min or Jin
    The cheaper tinies do tend not to have the design systems that the more expensive ones do, so don't pose as well and tend to be 'kicky'. For cute child-like ones I'd suggest Lati White Sp, Lati Yellow or Puki/Pukifee by Fairyland but I'm thinking you mean more mature tinies. Look forward to seeing who you choose!!

    Kathryn x

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks so much for posting! These little Elfdolls are on my wish list, actually--and quite high up there. (And strangely enough, down lower on my more child-like-body list are the Lati White and Yellow lines, as well!) :)

    So glad for your feedback! Thanks much!



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