Saturday, September 19, 2009

Will edit boring letters in exchange for dolls...

Doll collecting isn't one of those hobbies you can do on the cheap, I've found. I mean, sure, it's great to find a couple of Birthstone Barbies at TJ Maxx (like I did today, which was great--February and March for just $12.99--a steal!), but for my own personal collection, which is consisting of BJDs lately, these don't tend to pop up at Big Lots! Any chance I get to make an extra dollar here and there (legally) is welcomed.

I think I earned my keep editing the world's most boring letter this evening. It took over two hours, and it was written by two brilliant physicians, who are both nice and literate. Both have an excellent command of the English language as well--and only one shies away from punctuation, as if it were the H1N1 virus, actually. It shouldn't have been a painful process, but after my hours of blogging and message boarding (can I use that as a verb? I just did!) about dolls, I found it more than a bit tedious. I feel like I might have earned myself some extra dolly funds.

Along that same subject... housework. Does that earn any extra credit? Unfortunately, in this house, no. It falls to me, as I happen to be the stay-at-home parent. When I said yes to marriage, I also happened to say yes to the housework. (It must have been in those vows somewhere--one of those buyer-beware situations I must be sure to warn my daughters about. My mother must have told me, but I just didn't pay attention.) So my advice--let your house get extra messy to get credit for extra work!

And along those lines... the kitty litter box. That must earn some extra credit points, right? Or the endless laundry of four children?

How do you solve a problem like Maria, for that matter?

Have a wonderful, doll-filled weekend! And buyer: beware! :)


  1. Great u found those birthstones. I want some were is their website?
    see ya

  2. Amazon has a lot of these:

    But here's Mattel's official gallery:

    Also, do you have Tuesday Morning close to you? They have them in stock now and then, too--for around $15.


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