Thursday, October 22, 2009

Barbie Collector sale starts on October 26!

Several unique items will go on sale on October 26, 2009 at 9 AM. Phone orders only will be accepted.

  • You can be the only person in the world to own the only Barbie mannequin, who graced New York Fashion Week this year for just $3,000. She's six feet tall and comes with a blonde wig, dressed in her signature swimsuit. (Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.)
  • Adorn your home with these nearly three foot tall molded pink poodle, who has been Barbie's loyal friend throughout her 50th birthday celebration (as seen at the Palms in Las Vegas). Only two are available. $2,000 each, 4-5 weeks for delivery.
  • Made-to-order Generations of Dreams™ chair created by Jonathan Adler, using the adorable Generations of Dreams™ fabric, with a pink tulle bustle. I have to admit, I find this chair adorable. $7,800 each. These have 14-16 weeks delivery time.
Visit for more information. Call 800-491-7514 on 10/26/09 starting at 9:00 PST to place your order.

Images courtesy of Mattel.

1 comment:

  1. Such cute stuff, but crazy prices!

    I wonder how many collectors could afford the items?


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