Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Resin Snow White at Goodreau Doll

Be sure you also check out the following left-over convention goodies at the Goodreau Doll Store:
  • Resin Snow White (Dottie/Dorothy sculpt, only in resin!) $355 nude or $395 dressed
  • Sparkling blue slippers (adorable sapphire slippers for MSD sized dolls) for $18
  • Snow White's wig for just $20
  • Snow White's traveling outfit for $64, including boots, $54 without the boots
  • Snow White's royal hoodie $44 without shoes, $54 including shoes
Plus, while you're there, you'll notice an addition of the wonderful line of patterns by Gracefaerie, plus the entire line of 5" Critters (these resin ball-jointed dolls and critters are simply adorable), and of course, you must check out the Halloween sale. Enjoy, and happy shopping!

Images courtesy of Goodreau Doll.

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