Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Modern Doll Collectors Convention Dolls on sale...

There are only a few left, but man, are they cute! Most are in a limited supply, as they are convention left-overs (from the Modern Doll Collectors Convention), so get them while you can. My top two favorites:
  • Berdine Creedy's centerpiece, High Adventurous Tea Time, and she was a limited edition of only 20 pieces, and retails for $450. She's so cute--and another 12-3/4" resin ball-jointed beauty, it appears. She really looks like the Harmoni sculpt to me, I have to admit. But her outfit is simply adorable. And she comes with a baby and a bear!
  • From Goodreau Dolls, Elyse, a groovy normal-skin vinyl doll (she's the usually green Esmeralda sculpt from the Upside Down Oz collection), a limited edition of 100 dolls, listed at $180 retail. This doll is 17" tall, and is a fully strung new-bodied BJD with flanged joints, dressed as a hippie flower child.
These dolls are sold out, but remain my honorable mentions:
  • Backstabber by Tonner Doll, who is a ReImagination Doll from Sinister Circus. Oh, I'll be having to go off my Tonner Doll hiatus for a few of these lovely Sinister ladies, I presume. She is wonderful! She retailed for $175 and was a limited edition of 100.
  • Evangeline Ghastly in An Unfortunate Life by Wilde Imagination. A vinyl ball-jointed doll, retailing for $225, she sports a lovely period costume. She has inset acrylic eyes--and half of these vinyl dolls have wigged hair, the other rooted--she appears rooted.

Lots more dolls are listed, including some hard-to-find limited editions from previous convention years. Plus, Vita is on sale, as well--dressed for $145. Go! Shop! Enjoy!

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